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In the heart of the Grasse pre-Alps, on the edge of the limestone mountain range of the Audibergue where the Siagne river rises, the commune of Escragnolles is a sparsely populated rural commune consisting of several scattered hamlets. Although there are many prehistoric sites dating from the Bronze and Iron ages within its boundaries, the history of Escragnolles does not really begin until the Middle Ages. At the time, Escragnolles, called Esclangolo, was a castrum, in other words a fortified village, in what is now the Saint-Martin district. Saint Martin’s church, which still exists although it has been rebuilt many times since the Middle Ages, would originally have been the parish church. In the late Middle Ages, epidemics and wars swept away the population and Escragnolles was classed as uninhabited. In fifteen seventy, Henri de Grasse de Requiston and his daughter Françoise, the local lords, drew up a contract with some families from Mons in order to repopulate their fiefdom. The two hundred and fifteen new inhabitants spread out over the entire territory, forming several hamlets, but the old medieval village was left empty. In the seventeenth century, the estate passed to the Robert family, who had a manor, a dovecote and the chapel of Saint Clair built. In the nineteenth century the hamlet of Le Logis became the administrative centre and the town hall and the new church were built. In eighteen fifteen, on his way back from the island of Elba, Napoleon 1st stopped here in the commune with his troop. Why not follow in his footsteps and visit the different hamlets? There’s also a footpath that goes to the old medieval village.

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Escragnolles Town Hall
Le Village
06460 Escragnolles
Tel. +33 (0)4 93 09 29 09
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