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The commune of La Roquette-sur-Siagne is divided into two distinct areas, the higher ground where the village and parish church are and the lower ground alongside the Siagne and Béal canals. The commune can boast of a long and rich history. The discovery of a Gallo-Roman necropolis shows shows that tracks and roads across the territory of La Roquette must have existed in Antiquity. In the Middle Ages, the territory belonged to the abbey of Lérins. It consisted of the castrum Rochetta, a fortified village probably in les Roques, and the Siagne plain, which at that time was suitable for farming. Following the epidemics and wars of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, it was left completely deserted. La Roquette was then long considered an “ uninhabited ” territory. Unlike the neighbouring lands, no attempt was made to repopulate the commune. The Siagne plain became insalubrious. Diseases made it impossible to live here and difficult to farm. Despite a high mortality rate the population grew in the seventeenth century, but it wasn’t until the eighteenth century that La Roquette really turned a page in its history. A settlement act passed by Philippe de Vendôme, abbot of Lérins, dated January seventeen fourteen, makes provision for the building of a new village far from the polluted plain. The inhabitants of the old bastides of Mouans and Mougins moved to the new village. In eighteen twenty-five, work was done to return the bed of the river Siagne to the level it had been at in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, in the nineteenth century many people left the rural commune for the cities and it wasn’t until the early twentieth century that the Plain, which was by then fit for human habitation, began to fill up with people and the village emptied out. Although the village is really just a single street, it is worth a visit!

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