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The commune of Le Bar-sur-Loup extends from the river Loup, 100 metres above sea level to the Montet mountain range whose summit is over one thousand three hundred metres above sea level. The village of Le Bar-sur-Loup, overlooked by the plateaux of la Sarrée and la Malle, where evidence of prehistoric and ancient dwellings can be found, can trace its history back to the Middle Ages. A transfer deed between the Count of Provence and the Princes of Antibes that makes reference to the Castro de Albarno, attests to this. Up until the French Revolution, the Le Bar estate belonged to the de Grasse family. They had the castle built, and the village grew up around it. Le Bar-sur-Loup was built behind defensive walls whose ruins are still visible, and it was a place where many fairs and markets were held. The farmers, who were the majority of the population, shaped the uneven terrain with their terrace cultivation. It was a relatively easy area to farm, as the commune is well irrigated by the river Loup on the lower ground, where there was even a paper mill, and by the Foulon and the Loup canals on the higher ground. The Seville orange trees in Le Bar supplied flowers to the perfume industry in Grasse. The trees were an important source of income for the commune, which was often called “ Town of the Orange Trees ”. Le Bar-sur-Loup has been the administrative centre of the canton since eighteen hundred and was served by the Nice-Meyrargues railway line and also by a tramline in the early twentieth century. Many famous figures such as the educator Célestin Freinet and the poet Francis Ponge have been here. Now it’s your turn to discover this village whose sloping streets are full of interesting things to discover…. Don’t forget to stop off at the church to see the painting called La Danse Macabre (The Gruesome Dance) and the retable by Louis Bréa.

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