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Le Tignet is an expanding commune, which consists of the main village clinging to a slope on the pre-Alpine foothills, and lower hilly ground running down towards the Siagne. Between the upper and the lower parts of the commune is the plain where there is a residential area and an industrial zone. The history of Le Tignet goes way back as evidenced by ancient remains that were found on the road between Grasse and Draguignan. However, strictly speaking Le Tignet as such originated in the Middle Ages. The village of Antignaquo or Antinaco, built around a fortified site, dates back to the thirteenth century. It was located in a place called Saint-Pierre which is no longer accessible today. The Castellaras, a fortification on the high ground of the commune, also dates from the Middle Ages. Where it came from and what it was for remains a mystery. Le Tignet was depopulated following the crises in the late Middle Ages, and became part of the territory of Cabris for a time. Along with Spéracèdes and Peymeinade, it formed the “ downhill sector ” of lands farmed by the people of Cabris. During the seventeenth century, people came and settled here and a village, complete with church, took shape. In seventeen eleven, Le Tignet broke away from Cabris and became a commune under the French Revolution. The few inhabitants were spread between the little village and the bastides dotted about the countryside. They made their living from Mediterranean agriculture, based on wheat, vines and olive trees, and then flower farming in the nineteenth century. In the last decades of the twentieth century the population increased almost tenfold to the extent that another parish church dedicated to saint Jean-Cassien was built at the beginning of the twenty-first century! Re-live this rich history by following the streets of the village down to the banks of the Siagne…

Practical information Le-Tignet

Le Tignet Town Hall
Avenue de l'Hôtel de Ville
06530 Le Tignet
Tel.: +33 (0)4 93 66 66 66