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Perched on a hill, the circular village of Mougins sits in a typically Mediterranean landscape. The history of the village goes back many centuries. There were dwellings here in Roman times, as can be seen on the gravestones in the Notre-Dame-de-vie chapel. However it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that a hilltop village developed around the castle that belonged to the abbey of Lérins from ten fifty-six until the French Revolution. One of the many notable events in its tumultuous history was an attack in the eighteenth century by the Austro-Sardinian armies who set the village on fire and plundered it. Mougins retains some traces of its medieval origins such as the Saracen gate, and it also displays many of the typical characteristics of nineteenth century town planning and architecture such as its fountains and covered wash-house. It was in the nineteenth century that the people of Mougins, who had farmed with traditional Mediterranean techniques for centuries, began growing perfume plants, partly as a result of the inauguration of the Siagne canal in eighteen sixty-eight. From the nineteen twenties onwards, Mougins, land of farmers, became Mougins, land of artists. Fernand Léger, Paul and Nusch Eluard, Robert Desnos, Jean Cocteau, Man Ray, Jacques Brel, Christian Dior all stayed here. Francis Picabia built the château de Mai here and Pablo Picasso bought a mas near the Notre-Dame-de-vie chapel, where he was living when he died. In the late twentieth century, the creation of the Sophia-Antipolis technology cluster accelerated the development of this commune where residential districts border areas of woodland like the Valmasque departmental park. The best way to enjoy the charm of Mougins is to stroll around the streets of the old village before going down the hill for a walk around the picturesque Fontmerle lake!

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Mougins Tourist Office
18 boulevard Courteline
06250 Mougins
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 75 87 67
Opening hours: From 1st October to 30th June, everyday except Sunday from 9.30am to 5pm
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