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Peymeinade is situated where the crystalline mountains of the Siagne basin meet the limestone mountains of the higher ground, and, along with Tignet and Spéracèdes, was for a long time known as the “ downhill sector” of the Cabris estate. The commune of Peymeinade itself is a relatively recent creation. Following the repopulation of Cabris in the late fifteenth century, population growth led to the transformation of land previously used for cultivation into residential districts. The name “ Peymamade ” first appeared in sixteen twenty-seven, and in the eighteenth century the inhabitants of the hamlet of Peymeinade began to assert their rights vis-à vis Cabris. As a result, the parish of Peymeinade was created in seventeen twenty-four, and the church and presbytery were built. Saint-Mark’s chapel was also erected. The inhabitants of Peymeinade first petitioned for separation from Cabris at the time of the French Revolution. Throughout the nineteenth century they reiterated their calls for independence and finally in eighteen sixty-eight the commune of Peymeinade was created. In the late nineteenth century, the new commune was dramatically transformed with the building of the Siagne canal, which improved water supply and irrigation, and the Nice-Meyrargues railway line, which called at Peymeinade station. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the construction of the Belletrud canal brought running water to the village. The population of Peymeinade grew spectacularly in the late twentieth century and continues to grow today. Find out about the history of the village by visiting the covered wash-house the shaded terrace of the church with its view over Cabris, the old station and the surrounding hamlets!

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