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The perched village of Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne sits in a typically Mediterranean landscape full of olive trees. It is a vast commune of hills, plateaux and steep slopes down to the river Siagne. Although a number of sites indicate activity going back to Prehistoric times, the village was not founded until the Middle Ages. In the eleventh century, a religious building dedicated to saint Césaire, a monk at the abbey of Lérins who became Bishop of Arles in the sixth century, was built where today’s Notre-Dame de Sardaigne church now stands. In the early twelfth century, the church was attached to the diocese of Antibes and a castle was built in the vicinity, probably on the site of today’s town hall. A village grew up around it and, despite the wars and epidemics of the late Middle Ages, there it remained. From the sixteenth century a flourishing economy based on intensive olive farming developed. The population grew at such a rate that a second parish church, also dedicated to saint Césaire, was built in the eighteenth century. In the following century, Saint-Cézaire was modernised with the addition of communal facilities such as fountains and wash-houses and new districts were added in a grid pattern. Alongside the agriculture and olive production, industrial activities like the paper mill appeared. In eighteen sixty-eight, the water to supply the Siagne canal was taken at Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne. But it wasn’t until around sixty years later that the people of Saint-Cézaire got their own water supply direct from the Belletrud canal. Up until then they had only had wells, water tanks and a hydraulic ram to bring up water from the Siagne canal. There’s a rich architectural heritage waiting to be visited, including the historic village centre, Notre-Dame de Sardaigne chapel, the well of the virgin, the rural chapels, wash-houses and fountain!

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