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Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey is one of the biggest communes in the Pays de Grasse, and covers three mountain ranges of the pre-Alps: La Malle, le Doublier and Thiey. Most of its territory sits on a plateau across which the river Siagne runs. Because of its location, Saint-Vallier has a rich and varied geological heritage. The limestone and karst relief has carved escarpments, underground passages, and block fields like the Druid’s stone and even a natural arch across the Siagne, called “ Ponadieu ”. Alongside this is the terrain that has been shaped by man. Sites of human habitation from Prehistoric times to the Middle Ages show the different areas of human settlement over the centuries. The village came into being in the Middle Ages when the princes of Antibes founded a church dedicated to saint Vallier, around which a cluster of buildings gradually appeared. The church bell-tower is one of the oldest in the region and dates from the eleventh century. The epidemics and wars of the late Middle Ages led to a major fall in population numbers to the extent that the neighbouring domain of la Motte disappeared. From the sixteenth century, agricultural activity, mostly wheat farming and sheep rearing, picked up again. The village of Saint-Vallier, which by then belonged to the cathedral chapter of Grasse, carried on growing. Sheepfolds, pens and dry stone huts are all evidence of the village’s agricultural past. The roadways and farm tracks criss-crossing the region are dotted with chapels, oratories and missionary crosses to provide spiritual protection to the community. Discover all this on the many walking trails around the area!

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