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Created in nineteen ten, Spéracèdes is the most recent commune in the Pays de Grasse. But its history goes back much further because in the northern part of the territory, on the Audides, there are traces of Prehistoric sites. Much later, an eleventh century text in the deeds of Lérins abbey makes reference to a possession at La Perasceda, a term that according to some interpretations comes from the Latin verb meaning “ to approach from the wrong side ” and according to others refers to a pear orchard. In any case, in the Middle Ages the territory of Spéracèdes was part of the estate of Cabris that went all the way down to the Siagne river. The wars and epidemics in the late Middle Ages decimated the population. The village of Cabris was rebuilt and repopulated with families from Ligurie. The territories of Spéracèdes and Peymeinade, referred to as " the downhill " part of Cabris were agricultural lands. It wasn’t until the end of the seventeenth century that mention was made of a house in Spéracèdes and not until the middle of the following century that an actual hamlet was created, as shown on the Cassini map, and finally what could be called a community was established in the nineteenth century. It was in this period that a number of buildings were erected including the parish church, the belltower and various public facilities, and the central square was extended. Spéracèdes finally became an independent commune on 30th December nineteen ten. The population of the small town, which up until recently was known as Espéracèdes, increased from the second half of the twentieth century onwards. Follow in the footsteps of André Malraux, André Gide and Jean-Paul Sartre who have all stayed here, and go for a stroll in the shade of the plane trees before having a look round the village!

Practical information Spéracèdes

Spéracèdes Town Hall
11 Bd Docteur Sauvy
06530 Spéracèdes
Tel: +33 (0)493605873

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